We facilitate these procedures by concluding managed service contracts that manage a wide range of services simultaneously to perform the work needed in the shortest time and at the highest value.

Want a solution?


In recent years, Solutions by 42 has interacted with a variety of governmental institutions in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and has successfully implemented numerous projects in the area of managed services; securing technical staff specialized in the IT sector, allowing us to gain extensive experience in integrating multiple activities to implement IT maintenance and operational projects.

Why go for managed services :

  • Reducing costs while enhancing the quality
  • Focusing on the projects’ key components
  • Providing top-tier support services
  • Developing administrative processes
  • Implementing risk management metrics to avoid challenges and barriers
  • Abiding by contracts and service level agreements (SLAs)
  • Applying key performance indicators (KPIs)

Technical Personnel Provision Services :

  • Providing senior consultants in the IT Industry.
  • Providing engineers with expertise in digital transformation and cyber security.
  • Providing technicians, network, and infrastructure engineers.
  • Providing ERP professionals.