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SFDA app Development


This project aims to implement, develop and design the mobile app and to provide the technical support for the State Food and Drug Administration app “Tamminy”. This app provides for consumers the services and accurate information about the products supervised by the State Food and Drug Administration in order to enhance society health and nutritional behavior. When searching for the name of the product or scanning its barcode, the application will provide all the information of consumer interest.


Provides accurate information to consumers about medicines and their alternatives.

Calculation of calories and medication dosage based on the person and their diagnosis.

Enables users to seamlessly search for products and medical devices by name or through barcode’s scan technology.

Allows consumers to submit complaints or inquiries about a product.

Service Tags

  • Web App.
  • Linking to the public entity.
  • Interactive model.
  • User web experience designing.
  • User interface designing.

Technology Stack