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Adaa Platform


This project aims to set up and design the user web experience of The National Center for Performance Measurement (Adaa). Adaa is an integrated platform that gathers national performance data and visions, of several aspects. The importance of this platform lies in effectively providing the required data and information for decision makers at the right time. The required task for this project was to design a control panel that meets the requirements of focusing on user web experience, which should provide a perfect display for data and visions.


An interactive platform that reviews global performance indicators in several fields.

Displaying Saudi Arabia's performance rank and its progress rate.

Displaying the main and subsidiary axes of performance measures for more than 200 countries .

Providing an interactive comparison between Saudi Arabia's performance and the rest of countries using performance indicators graphing.

Service Tags

  • Business intelligence analysis.
  • User web experience design.
  • Users analysis.
  • Building of an integrated design system.
  • User interface designing.

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