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Development of Watani Platform and Application

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Watani Platform and application Development


This project aims to implement, develop and design the performance road map app and to provide the technical support for “Watani” platform of The National Center for Performance Measurement (Adaa). This app provides the following services (Transparently evaluate the public entity services and share opinions in order to improve these services), targeted groups are (citizens, residents and visitors).


A smooth experience of governmental services evaluating through a journey the user goes through to evaluate the center and the service that was carried out. In addition to summarizing and analyzing the general users-provided notes.

The evaluation includes public entity services provided through governmental online platforms or by visiting branches

Contributing to improve the public entity services through services evaluation.

Displaying service centers list sorted according to the closest and highest rated centers, and send an evaluation requests through geographical tracking of the customer

Service Tags

  • Content management system.
  • Internal web portal development.
  • App development.
  • Users journey analysis.
  • User web experience designing.
  • User interface designing.

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